Did John Cena Cheat With A Pornstar? & Video :john cena house

A major rumor is current the web tonight , regarding John Cena’s divorce in 2012 :
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The report suggests that his ex-wfie, Elizabeth Huberdeau, has same that Cena cheated on her with a smut star by the name of Kendra Lust. Huberdeau says Cena met Lust at a gymnasium and fashioned a relationship over a year-long amount.

There is additionally talk tweets and photos that might clarify true being deleted from Lust’s account.

The report goes on to recommend that WWE ar awake to this and have contacted Lust to urge her to delete her account and have additionally contacted Hubderdeau, threatening a attainable case.

There also are 2 photos of Lust current Twitter, showing Lust holding a WWE Championship belt. whereas this in no manner confirms the story, these photos have since been deleted from her Twitter account.

Lust has denied the affair many times on Twitter, at one purpose claiming to not understand UN agency John Cena is.

Remember last spring once John Cena was on this consistent Pay Per read hot streak wherever he was main eventing and headlining the marquee matches despite the very fact that he didn't have the WWE Championship?
bear in mind the juicy gossip news that poor the wrestling news wire concerning Cena and his better half obtaining a divorce? Well, it seems that this ever acquainted story is getting down to resurface all over again as a result of the lady United Nations agency compete a serious role in aforesaid divorce papers being filed is prepared to speak and needs to be detected.
John Cena’s ex-wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau, has gone on public record to reveal actuality reason behind the divorce filing was owing to Cena’s unfaithfulness. He was cheating on his then-wife with porno star sensation Kendra Lust, United Nations agency has been everywhere Twitter responsive queries and being open concerning her relationship with Cena. The WWE can't be happy with this happening and is doing everything in their power to stay Lust quiet, however additional significantly, for her to delete her Twitter account.
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With this currently being Wrestlemania season and Cena being the winner of the 2013 Royal Rumble, he's right next to The Rock as being the proverbial tike for Wrestlemania twenty nine. he's scheduled to face the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania and since it should be The Rock (current WWE Champion), this suggests Cena are going to be on each media outlet to market his championship match.
The final thing that he and also the WWE need is for there to be a recent, juicy scandal that might probably smear the innocuous and family friendly image that Cena portrays. it'll be terribly fascinating to ascertain however the WWE keeps each Lust and Huberdeau quiet regarding this example.

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