breaking news : John Cena Has Died Wrestling Star John Cena is Dead

how Wrestling Star John Cena is Dead

John Cena is Dead
 According to this message, John Cena of World Wrestling amusement (WWE) fame has died of a head injury whereas perfecting a stunt with fellow WWE entertainer Dwayne Johnson.

The message claims that authorities square measure work the accident. Viewers of the message square measure invited to click a link to observe a video of the accident and therefore the efforts to save lots of the star.

John Cena Has Died 

However, the claims within the message square measure untrue. John Cena is alive and well. There are not any credible media or news reports that he has been killed or lacerate. Nor has WWE according any such incident involving John Cena.

John Cena injury
In fact, the message may be a remodeling of another recent hoax that claimed that WWE star funeral director had died of a neck injury. As discovered within the following example, the sooner version claimed that funeral director had died whereas active with John Cena:


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