video : john cena vs undertaker at WrestleMania 29 should face the funeral undertaker at WrestleMania twenty nine and finish his streak

their epic WrestleMania

redeeming himself once losing to the Rock at WrestleMania twenty eight,When the Rock delivered the all-time low to Cena within the closing moments of their epic WrestleMania match, the WWE Universe was in shock.

john cena vs undertaker

To some, it is not a surprise that the Rock won, as he's one among the simplest WWE superstars of all time. the important shock was that the WWE's most polarizing figure was brought all the way down to size.

Undertaker vs John cena


the classic story

Cena looked human for the primary time in for a while. It wasn't the classic story of Cena being beat up throughout the match to solely have him come along with his proprietary 5 moves for the ending. No, it absolutely was fully totally different this point.

 john cena look at undertaker

The look on Cena's face once he lost the match was enough to inform 1,000,000 stories. Most of the stories would come with one thing that should do with failure and defeat.

 john cena hit undertaker

 undertaker hit  john cena

 John Cena spits in the face of undertaker

john cena you can't see me

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