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wrestlingnews : reported that Samoa Joe reveals what CM Punk told him when he signed with WWE, comments on wrestling John Cena

Once Joe signed with WWE, Punk told that, of course, the minute he leaves, Joe joins the company and so on. During the interview, he was asked what CM Punk said to him once WWE signed him. He noted that before he joined WWE, Punk was kind of championing for the company to bring him in. When asked about wrestling John Cena 18 years ago, he noted that their match ultimately led to WWE hiring him. Joe added that he has always had a very interesting relationship with him and that they're kind of like brothers who fight all the time.

Bubba Ray's Thoughts On A John Cena vs. Samoa Joe Matchup

Bubba Ray's Thoughts On A John Cena vs. Samoa Joe Matchup
According to Bubba Ray's twitter page he tweeted last night how a match between Samoa Joe and the 16x WWE Champion, John Cena could be one of a lifetime. Ever since his blockbuster debut on Raw last week many have wondered what's next for Samoa Joe. Perhaps Bubba Ray Dudley can help WWE with that predicament. Here's the tweet:

Samoa Joe Wants to Take Everything From John Cena

It's been 18 years since me and John have been in the ring together. I have no problem going in there and smashing any of them and taking the belt from them."Wrestling John Cena: "It's been 18 years, 18 years ago, myself and John Cena had a match and based off that match WWE inevitably hired him, and brought him along and I went my own separate way. John, you know, early in my career, he's been a close personal friend and we drove a lot of miles together, and it would be an absolute pleasure to reunite in the ring and once again, smash him in the face and take everything from him." – Samoa Joe recently spoke with Eyes on the Game (transcript via, here are the highlights…What CM Punk said to him once WWE signed Samoa Joe: "When I came here [WWE], I remember, for years he was kind of championing my cause to be in the WWE and to see me now, he's like 'Oh, of course, the minute I'm gone, you're here' and so, between me and him, it's always been a very interesting relationship, we're kind of like brothers who fight all the time."On His Future WWE goals: "Me being on Raw, my main goal is the Universal Championship, and you got a lot of top tier competitors kind of vying for that title: Goldberg, you have Brock, you have Roman, you have Kevin Owens, I mean, the current champion now.

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